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List arcybiskupa Raymonda L. Burke z Saint Louis (USA) do biskupa Wiktora Skworca
June 24, 2005 - Solemnity of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

The Most Reverend Wiktor Skworc
Kuria Diecezjalna
ul. Legionów
33-100 Tarnów

Your Excellency,
Heartfelt and fraternal greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ.

I write to ask your assistance in providing priestly ministry for the faithful of Polish language and heritage in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. Father Adam Hurbańczuk, a priest of the Diocese of Drohiczyn, in Poland , has been serving the faithful in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis for the past several years. Father Hurbańczuk is now accepting a new assignment in another Diocese.

I write to ask Your Excellency about the possibility of your permitting a priest of the Diocese of Tarnów to give some years of service to the Polish-speaking Catholics in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. I will be happy to provide for the priest in question the cost of his travels to the United States , and also an annual visit to Poland . At the same time, I will provide for him the funds to undertake any studies of the English language which he may need for his priestly life and ministry in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis.

The need of a Polish-speaking priest in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis is particularly urgent. The personal Parish for the Polish-speaking faithful has been Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish in the city of Saint Louis . Sadly, over a number of years, a lay board of directors has taken control of the Parish by maneuvers in civil law. Since that time of Cardinal Justin Rigali, my predecessor, the board of directors refuses to submit to the legitimate authority of the Archbishop of Saint Louis and of the parish priests. Therefore, I was obliged to place the board of directors of the civil corporation under personal interdict.

The Polish-speaking faithful and faithful of Polish heritage, who previously belonged to Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish, welcomed very much my intervention. Sadly, for them the direction of the lay board of directors, all of whom were of Polish background, but already one or more generations in the United States , showed very little concern for the Polish-speaking people.

Since the board of directors has seized the control of Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish, I have given the faithful of Polish language and heritage Saint Agatha Church, a beautiful church with fine facilities, as the new personal parish for the Polish-speaking Catholics. The faithful were most pleased .

I will be most grateful to Your Excellency for any consideration which you are able to give to my request. If it is possible for a priest to come here on mission, I would ask that he come as soon as possible in order to establish himself in the Parish. After some months, he will be able to return to Poland for some vacation and rest which he may not be able to take at the present moment.

I thank Your Excellency in advance for any hełp which you may be able to give to me and to the faithful of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis.

With sentiments of profoundest fraternal esteem, who I remain

Yours devotedly in Christ,

(Most Rev.) Raymond L. Burke
Archbishop of Saint Louis

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